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La quinua busca abrir mercados para otros granos

La Razón / Junio 12, 2015

Bolivia busca que la quinua real abra mercados para otros cereales como el tarwi, la chía, el amaranto, la cañahua, entre otros, en la Expo Milano 2015.

Trio for success: Designing, Developing and Testing

Piero Ponce / Junio 12, 2015

Bringing up a new software application (in the sense of mid-size or larger projects) require the join work between several professionals. We may usually find three people with clear responsibilities as follows: designer, developer and tester.

Piero Ponce: A process system is like a cake’s slice

Piero Ponce / Diciembre 17, 2014

A process system can be understood as an approach to manage an organization. However, there are other important angles that support operational activities. These are among others: quality, risk and knowledge management. In this sense, process management is like a...

Feasibility of BPM in your company

Bolivia Emprende / Septiembre 12, 2014

Building or redesigning or improving business processes is an exciting but challenging task in any organization. For this reason, it is important to check the feasibility of BPM and how to implement it.

Business Process Management Suites

Bolivia Emprende / Agosto 27, 2014

In the same way that we use software for doing our daily duties, process managers also employ software for supporting their tasks around the BPM -Cycle.

Process Management Life Cycle: Steps for implementing a process-based organization

Bolivia Emprende / Junio 12, 2014

After, it was described some benefits for running organizations following processes, now the question is ¿Which steps should the organization follow in order to implement and manage those processes?

Processes go before departments

Bolivia Emprende / Junio 11, 2014

many companies still stick to the traditional view of “departments”, not “processes” when it comes to management.