Trio for success: Designing, Developing and Testing

Piero Ponce / Junio 12, 2015

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Bringing up a new software application (in the sense of mid-size or larger projects) require the join work between several professionals. Without the establishment of clear roles and fulfillment of particular skills, it would be difficult to ensure high standards and flexibility towards the client’s requirements.

Besides the necessary project management tools and skills, each role owns particular know how and tools, which guarantees the success of the software development process. Which roles are involved? as previously said, it depends on the size and requirements of the project. However we may usually find three people with clear responsibilities as follows: designer, developer and tester.

  • Designer: brings the customer needs and translates it into functional requirements (functional because it focuses on the business needs, rather than on the technical implementation).
  • Developer: this role involves the technical design, programming and first “internal” testings. Thus, the person in this role implements the functional requirements into the expected functionalities of the software.
  • Tester: runs the implemented functionalities and compares it with the requirements. Through a detailed testing, this person is also able to identify potential failures and provide inputs for solutions.

Constant communication is critical during the whole process among these roles. The ultimate goal is to develop a functionality (solution) suitable to the customer, for which this team is primarily accountable.